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CPT/CLAST Reading Tutorials

Test Prep for Reading LINKS:  College Placement Test (CPT) Prep --Reading Skills

Word Processing Tutorials

Tutorials:  Basic Word Processing Skills LINKS: Movies and exercises)

How Faculty are Using eWriting

Q:  How are the Writing professors at MDC using this program?

A:  Although we do not prescribe methodologies to professors, there are several creative uses of eWriting that have been reported by MDC faculty as successful:


1) Choose the Writing Lab lessons that correlate with (and reinforce) what students cover in Writing classes.

2) Choose lessons that are not covered in the Writing classes to deepen students' overall skill level.

3) Choose a mix of lessons to increase increase learning (scope) those concepts that are covered in the Writing classes, but that students typically find difficult, or and concepts that you consider important but that not covered in your writing syllabus.

4) Choose different lessons for each student based on their own individual learning needs.

5) Let students self-select their lessons based on their own perceived needs (hint:  this works best in classes where the students are motivated and serious about improving their own learning).

6) Let the writing lab tutors prescribe lessons to the students that they serve.

7) Use the multimedia presentations in MDC's  "smart classrooms" to enhance teaching of key writing/grammar structures and then assign the rest of the LO (with its interactive activities, writing exercises, and quizzes) for homework.

8)  Assign a number of Writing Expansion exercises (located at the end of lessons in most eWriting levels) for students to turn in periodically as proof of content mastery -- an Outcomes Based Assessment portfolio or journal.

9) Have all students complete the lessons designed to develop sentence and paragraph skills, and then assign the remaining required hours to individual students lessons based on their personal writing errors.

10) Use the CPT prep materials in Levels 5 and 6 to prepare students for the Reading portion of the CPT exam.

11) Merge the 6-level eWriting Lab program with your Angel or WebCT course to enhance your online and hybrid ESL Writing courses.

12) Unexpected use that is growing in popularity:  Grammar teachers find the eWriting lessons useful in teaching as well as for a way to help students who have missed class to catch up and keep up with their classmates.



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