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Sentence Structure

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SECTION THREE:  Sentence Structure

 There are two formulas that you can follow when you want to include the order and classification idea in the subject:

Formula #1:

("Other information" includes objects, adjectives, adverbs, prepositional phrases, etc.(
(The Subject includes  "order" & "classification" words)

Subject   Verb  +  Other Information. 


(subject) (verb) (other information)
Still another similarity existed in their physical appearance.

("order"  & "classification")



Formula #2:

  • Use this formula when the "other information" is a "subject + verb" (a "mini-sentence") combination.

  • This formula is very useful when the "other information" is difficult to explain.

  • Use the extra word "that" between the verb and the other information.

  • "That" is an extra word that introduces the "mini-sentence" (other information presented in an independent clause). 


Subject (includes order & classification word)  +  Verb  +  that  +  Other Information

(subject + verb + that + independent clause)





(other information )

The final disadvantage of life in a tropical climate



it rains much of the time.

(order & classification)   (extra word)

independent clause




Now it is time for some practice.  Good luck.

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On the next screen, you will select the words from the group below to complete the sentences in the paragraph .


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